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9 Ways To Build A Good Name For Yourself In The Industry

By on January 20, 2014

Although the real estate market is huge in dollar value, the number of actual parties involved is actually small compared to consumer product markets. This means that positive and negative information about you can travel far and fast. The way you unreasonably pushed a contractor to the brink of bankruptcy or the graciousness you conduct yourself with motivated sellers can have a great impact on your future dealings in the industry. This is why you want market players to identify you positively rather than negatively. You can build a good reputation by conducting yourself in these 10 ways.

Dress for success

You don’t need to dress like a professional to be one. But doing that will give you an immediate edge in a world where first impressions count. This is critical if you are an industry player who markets yourself for seminars, interviews, and other mass market advertorials. You never know when an acquaintance you met 2 years ago will give you a sudden call out of the blue with a killer proposal. One of the key reason you will receive such a call was that you gave a big lasting impression on that one meeting. Dressing for success can only aid your professional image.

Join networks and organisations

There are many private groups and networks all over the place. Some of them are virtually unknown to the general public while others are well known in the industry. These are good places to meet and get acquainted with other players in the industry and build your credibility. However be wary of “fake” networks who are conceptualized by professionals who are just out to use these networks for lead generation and ultimately make money from you.

good nameBe visible with exposure

Taking part in trade shows or public forums are good ways to gain exposure. But having a booth that look out of sorts or being late for a forum is not a way to create a good impression. Make an effort to let people know you as a person and have your business cards ready. It is common practice to give people your business cards at business meetings. But it just seem a little weird and “overdoing it” when you are handing out cards at a social meeting.

Speak highly of professionals you have worked with

One of the things that professionals do not do enough of is to speak highly of others in the profession. It can appear to seem odd to say how good your competitors are. Your compliments may or may not travel to the person you are talking about. If it does, it can unknowingly be the building of a bridge to a partnership in future. On the contrary, if you are to bad mouth someone in the industry, it is more likely to travel to that specific person compared to a compliment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by speaking highly of others. If you are afraid that you might lose clients to a competitor this way, you are probably looking up the wrong kind of clientele.

Be positive

Having a positive attitude can be contagious to people. Who would you rather work with if you had to choose between a positive person and a depressing one? However, there is a line that separates being positive and being self-brainwashing. Telling yourself that you will go all out to achieve the maximum result is being positive. Telling yourself that you will make 100 million dollars by the end of the week when you know that is impossible is self-brainwashing. People can tell when you are lying to yourself about impossible outcomes. Usually only those who have already given up or failed will make claims like that.

Don’t make enemies

It is much more easier to make an enemy than to make a friend. If you send a hate mail to someone, you will make an instant enemy. However, if you are to send a complimentary mail to someone, you do not necessarily make a new friend. Every individual has a unique set of values or rules of behaviour. So it is almost impossible to predict what exactly can turn someone off and despise you. The best way to handle this is to go “safe”. Don’t start arguments, be late, be inconsiderate, disrespectful, etc. Repairing a bad reputation takes much more effort than to create a good one in the first place. Enemies that confront you are the easy ones to handle. It is enemies you do not know of that can cause you the most trouble.

Be respectful of others

Every player in the industry should be treated with respect. Everyone plays a role in making the market tick and cannot do without one another. Be respectful of people’s time, concerns, ideas, achievements, etc. You may even want to take up etiquette classes if you are someone who networks a lot with players in the industry. Sometimes, even strange table manners can get you into trouble.

Keep in touch

If you have spent time getting to know people who matter, don’t let your efforts go to waste by neglecting them. Sending Christmas greetings or New Year cheers does not do anything that will harm your image. There are many others ways to keep in touch. Even if you do not currently have business dealings with these professionals, keep in touch as you never know if some unknown forces could put you together the next day.

Show appreciation for those who have helped you

A simple token of appreciation can go a long way to building a relationship. Even a simple “Thank You” is very appreciated by many people. It is simple manners and does not cost you an arm or leg to show a little appreciation to those who have helped you. If a party feels good after helping you with something, the likelihood is that they will not mind doing it again for you in future. They might even tell others on what a grateful human being you are.

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