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Basic Steps On How To Stage Your Home For Sale

By on August 8, 2014

You can really become emotionally attached to a home. It is not just a myth that gets told by our elders.

You raise a family at home and create many personal moments with family and friends. When the time comes to sell your home, there is an essential ingredient that many people do not think of.

In fact, it could be a concept that will blow the mind of some home owners.

It’s called staging your home.

You do this so that it brings out the best of the house so that potential buyers and tenants can see it in it’s best possible light.

How to go about it?

The first step is to start removing any personal attachment you have to your home.

Soon it will be someone else’s home to create memories in. When you are able to do that, the next steps will become easier. It becomes merchandise that you try to market to suitors.

The point is to forget for a moment that it is a memory deeply entrenched in your heart.

use plants for home stagingIn doing these steps, you will also get a head start on packing up for your new home.

Start putting away personal pictures and knickknacks that you have accumulated over the years.

Make sure you dust and clean the spots where they were.

When potential buyers arrive with an agent, they tend to get distracted by personal photos and your memories.

They want to create their own.

Without the distraction of your wedding photos, the potential buyer is more likely to listen to an agent and find hot trigger buttons about the home, making a sale more likely.

It’s also time to clean off the kitchen cupboards.

Rather than looking at your kitchen and trying to figure out where their items would go, the potential buyer sees, “room.” Lots of room to put their coffee makers and toasters.

Now if you have items you use daily, just get a plastic storage bin that is large enough to hold the items and slip them into a cupboard before the agents and buyers arrive.

And if you have beautiful wallpaper that you believe visitors will love, buyers actually do not notice the meticulous detail in which they are designed and fabricated.

Instead, they are thinking what to replace it with. So don’t let these things get to your head.

Never been organized? Now is the time to start clearing that clutter.

Organize your kitchen cupboards so that items are neat and presentable.

You may not be present when your house is shown and if the potential buyer decides to peek in a cupboard…it would be bad presentation to see messy jars or items tumbling onto the floor.

The best scenario is that you can present a display that visitors will want to emulate themselves.

You need to make sure your house is spotless.

Make it a family affair. Have everyone wash the spots off the walls in their room and pack away junk out of sight.

The floors need to be clean and so do the bathrooms.

This is the time to take stock of what minor repairs need to be made and get them done. Simple items like chipped or broken light fixtures, need to be attended to quickly.

They might be small defects. But because of how noticeable they are, they are worth more than you practically imagine. Same for rips or stains in the carpets or problems with the hard wood flooring.

Have a teenager? You need to give them the chore of making sure your yard is spotless.

The lawn needs to be mowed, flower beds weeded and hedges trimmed. Make sure all outdoor lights are functional.

If you find it too much of a hassle, you can easily pay someone to get it done in 2 hours. This could be one of most important tasks that you get done. And ironically, it could also be the cheapest to do.

Ready for the big time?

Ready for the big time?

Finally take a look around your house and see what can be put away in a storage facility or left with a friend.

The more space available for viewing, the better position you put yourself in as a seller.

Also realize that some items like piano’s, wood stoves or even big screen televisions can be like a magnet to some buyers.

You do not want to receive an offer that also states your grandmother’s piano is included in the offer. So if possible remove these items prior to your first showing.

That can create a real dilemma which could be avoided in the first place if you had a plan in mind.

All in all, there are sure to be defects that cannot be rectified economically.

They are just not worth the money and effort.

When home owners identify these things, their instinct is to hide them with strategic placement of furniture.

But if you are someone who holds your ethics in high regards, do inform potential buyers so that they can do the necessary checks to plan how to resolve those problems.

It also helps you sleep better at night by being frank and upfront about them.

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