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Little Details When Preparing Your Property For Sale

By on May 1, 2013

Just like going on a first date, giving a great first impression can go a long way towards selling your property.

The idea behind this concept is to view your property as a product. A product that you want to market to the buyers as a home.

Unless you are very experienced at selling properties yourself, the best preparation advice you can get will be from property agents.

Invite your agent over to the property and walk you through his observations.

At this point, frank agents will give a a lot of tips on where to make changes and the type of changes to make.

Do not get over-sensitive on their observations. They are there to help you and taking their opinions as criticism or personal attacks is not going to help anybody.

If they are experienced and knows what they are doing, agent suggestions can turn out to be gold.

Remember that experienced agents have done countless deals and probably even keep a scrap book of common buyer objections.

This is where you leverage on their expertise.

Appearance from outside

The first thing that a buyer notices about your property for sale is the appearance from the outside.

Condominiums with attractive unique architecture like Grandeur 8 or Trumps appeal to a lot of people.

You won’t be able to make any changes on the architecture unless you are selling a landed property.

So the next best thing you can do is beautify your corridor and entrance area.

Remove all clutter in this area

If you really have to put your stuff in this area, pack them nicely and use something to cover them up.

Shoe cupboards will be useful to store your miscellaneous items that belong outside.

When potential buyers see an ugly entrance area, they will already have the mindset to lookout for more of them inside the property.

Their focus will go to the negatives instead of the positives.

In their minds, every positive will be marginalized while every negative will be blown up.

If you are selling a landed house with a garden, make sure that you maintain it properly

Note that even if you have a flower garden that took 3 years to harness, the new owner may have no need for them and uproot them after takeover.

The hassle associated with this can play against you.

So at least make it look good and well-maintained.

Sometimes adding a nice tree can greatly alter the whole feeling of a house just like what beautiful curtains can do to a dull room.

Get the advice of your agent on putting up a tree.

Windows are also something that can be seen from he outside

It is amazing how cracked and rusty windows can make a property look much older than it really is.

You could argue on it’s real age. But what matters is the appearance and the feelings associated with bad first impressions.

So make sure to replace rusty looking windows with new ones that look fresh.

Be mindful that whatever you spend on touch-ups and replacements has to be recouped from the selling price.

Appearance from inside

One of the sure ways to create a homely feeling is the smell of baking.

This can sound outrageous to you. Just give it a try on your next viewing and see if you notice any difference in the buyers moods.

If you do not have a ready oven for real baking, you can try buying loafs of bread and make sure the smell flows subtly into the living room.

You also shouldn’t have to be reminded that you property has to be cleaned and scrubbed especially in the washroom.

Yes the new owners may replace the whole washroom. But giving it the cleanliness like a hotel can only help you. Beds have to be made nicely.

All clutter in living and bed rooms must also be removed or hidden.

As long as you have any doubts of whether an item is giving a bad impression, the best suggestion is to remove it from view.

Add display flowers or fruits on the coffee table and dining table to arouse a feel good feeling.

Removing personalization

When you take up a new job and go to your workstation for the very first time, how would you feel if someone made it look like the workstation belong to someone else?

The same goes with your property.

Yes buyers have yet to buy and knows that you will be removing everything once the sale goes through.

But when buyers see huge amount of personalization being done, they may feel that they are intruding or invading your house.

It is not a good feeling to feel as if one is kicking a family out of a home.

It could hurt your personal principles to remove posters or pictures, but consider doing so for the sake of the buyers.


It also goes without saying that you should patch up peeling paint and crack walls.

Fix a leaking ceiling and dripping pipes. Replace missing tiles and repair creaking door hinges.

All these things add up to a first impression.

The best thing to do if you will not be doing any repair work is to be upfront with the buyer.

He might already have plans to replace everything in the first place.

If that is so, you will save some money on the repairs.

But if your home is not in good condition, it could serve as a reason for buyers to negotiate a lower price.

To prevent these scenarios from playing out, just get everything repaired in the first place.

Choosing a good time

Trends have shown consistently that more property transactions happen during specific periods of the year.

For example, Hungry Ghost Festival has always been a slow month for properties.

Check with your property agent on these information and decide on a period where transaction volume is at it’s highest.

If you list your property during lull periods, your property run the risk of going unsold for an extended period of time.

When potential buyers find out about this, they may question why your property is not selling and avoid viewing it altogether.

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