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5 Things You Should Do When Subjected To A Forceful Eviction

By on June 16, 2014

Even though a forceful eviction could feel like a nightmare, you must have had a feeling it was coming sooner or later. These things don’t happen for no reason and it must have been a tough decision by the landlord or lender for your mortgage as well.  The relationship must have deteriorated to a level that the landlord feels he has no other choice or order such an action.

Whether who is right or wrong, it is not the time to talk about “a matter of principle” when you have your wife and kids needing a place to sleep. This is a time you have to act fast and think on your feet. Failing which can have huge consequences both financially and mentally on both you and your family members.

Take a look at the notice

In most developed or developing countries around the world, eviction can only happen after a warning is given with a reasonable notice period. There is a set of rules and practices that landlords have to adhere to while playing the rental real estate game. This is why you have to read the notice to learn what are the new twists in the game that you have to play.

There are generally 2 main types of notices for evictions. The “notice to pay or quit” and the “notice to vacate. The former is the sternest warning a landlord will give you. Within it’s terms, it will likely mention that the eviction process will commence after a notice period unless you pay a specific amount within a specific time frame. The “notice to vacate” is a result from an order from the court. If you are dead serious on standing your ground and live in place you do not own but feel is rightfully yours, bankruptcy could be an option for you to consider. When you do that you will get some form of eviction protection.

Star making living arrangements

A new long term place to stay will surely be on your mind. But they are not easy to find. Your immediate concern is to find relief in the short term while you spend your time finalising a long term living arrangement. Go through the contact list of your best friends and favourite relative to ask for help. As this can be a desperate situation, the people around you will usually understand what you have gotten into and either offer their help directly or help to look for a good alternative. This is also a good time to see who are the people you can depend upon and those that you cannot.

If it is an emergency situation, you might try to make your situation sound less desperate than it really is and tell your friends that you will only stay for a day or 2. But it is best to request for a period that is slightly longer than your estimation to be safe. Just like it is better to under promise and over deliver, it is better to mention a longer stay and leave early.

Storage arrangements

The one factor that causes people to trap themselves with limited options is when they think about all the furniture and electronics they have to bring along. If you include that in your temporary relocation, you are going to have your options greatly limited. They actually don’t have to go wherever you go. Your best option is to arrange temporary storage for those items in a storage facility at a near location. It’s not expensive. And considering the amount of baggage it will give you, the costs are well worth it.

Forwarding you mailing address

You need a new mailing address fast. You don’t want the bank or your landlord finding documents in your mail showing where you money is and how much you have tucked away in a secret location. Get down to the post office and get a new mailing address immediately. Or use the address of a trusted family member. Then start informing everywhere that matters on your new mailing address. Some organisations allow changes to be made over the phone or online over the internet. Others might require your physical presence for verification purposes. This is a task that really cannot wait.

Act fast to beat the credit deadline

Your eviction might appear in your credit report when the enforcer is a bank for your mortgage defaults. Some landlords might see this as a perfect reason to reject you legitimately. To prevent your next landlord from rejecting your rental application due to your run-in with eviction, you should consider applying for tenancy on new apartments as soon as you can before your eviction black mark makes an appearance on your credit report. You are not lying or misleading. You are just acting fast to secure a house.

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