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8 Ways To Quickly Create More Appeal For Your Home Open House

By on August 30, 2013

It can take just 1 misplaced shoe to completely turn off a prospective buyer or tenant. But it takes a whole lot more effort to create an appealing home that gives nobody an excuse to bad-mouth about. Adding on to that, there are some common tricks to giving your open house the best chance of a positive impression on it. These include informing the prospects of the best route to your home which showcases the neighbourhood in the best possible light. It would also be the route that is least likely to have a jam. And then there is the chosen time to view the home which will of course be the time where the sun is not shining directly into the rooms.

Granted you may not be such a hardcore to go to such extreme lengths to make the viewings a pleasant experience for buyers and tenants. But if you have a little free time, here are some quick ways that can make a big impact on your home’s appeal with little effort.

1) Keep the place cool by turning up the air conditioner at least half an hours before the viewing. There’s nothing more discomforting than to enter a hot humid house and sweat it out while going about having a good look into each room. Prospects will be longing to end the viewing as soon as possible to get out.

2) Turn on your decorative lights, chandeliers, and dimmer lights. Draw down most of your curtains if possible. Do not let down all your curtains as you want daylight to enter the rooms. Warm lights create cosy atmospheres that are irresistible to some. The glowing effect will give more warmth to your house.

3) Play your favourite CD with contemporary music tracks in the background. Do not leave it too loud. Just leave the volume loud enough for the average person to hear. You don’t want a shouting showdown just to converse with each other. Music arouse moods and emotions. You ideally want it to have a calming and happy effect on the visitors.

coffee-aroma-kitchen4) The best aroma to have lingering in your kitchen is not fried chilli condiments no matter how much you love it personally. If possible fill your kitchen with a soft aroma of bakery. If this is a challenge to you, using the smell of fresh coffee works good as well. The presence of these everyday items will not only look tempting but arouse a homely feeling too.

5) Make your bed and sofa sets. Pull you bedsheets to make it straight and lay your quilt or comforter nicely over it with a single fold at the top near where your pillows are nicely placed. The same thing with your sofa. Make sure the cushions are seductively placed in a diagonal fashion and use a throw if required to hide dirty spots.

6) Declutter everything that is in view. Throw everything into the store room if you have to. The store room is the only place where clutter is acceptable. If you can store them nicely in the store room, even better! DVDs, magazines, exposed wires, newpapers, etc, are the most common items that are prone to cluttering. Do whatever it takes to hide them from view.

7) Prepare some snacks for visitors. This can be as simple as a newly opened pack of biscuits. If you see yourself as a host, surely a host will have these prepared for visitors. It’s not about satisfying your prospects’ stomachs that will create a good positive impression. It is the show of effort you take to welcome them that creates that impression. It does not take a lot of effort to open a pack of biscuits and lay them out nicely on a plate anyway.

8) Use air-fresheners or aroma products for washrooms. You might not have a weird smelling washroom. But if you truly want to enhance the impression it gives to visitors, at least use some air-fresheners for your toilets. To up the ante, burn some aroma therapy oil in the washroom before the visitors arrivals. With strategically placed artificial plants, it can create a spa feeling for the observer.

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