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Easy Inexpensive Aesthetic Repairs And Enhancements That Add Value To A House

By on September 20, 2013

Marketing plays an important role in selling any product or service. When it comes to real estate the visual aspect of your house is the key element that increases it’s perceived value to a potential buyer or tenant. As one of the factors that gives buyers an assured feel for the home is that the owner has taken great care of it, so whatever aesthetic repairs and fixes you undertake has to keep this factor in mind. Things that are visible will be what creates a good impression. And prospects will make their decisions based on these impressions. Here is a comprehensive list of items that are inexpensive to fix and adds value to a prospecting buyer.

Paint. Even if there is no peeling or cracks on your paint, a fresh coat of new paint can have a dramatic effect on the overall feel of your house. Go for safe neutral shades. A soft off-white colour will also help buyers to visualize their renovations easier too. The aroma of new paint will also give the impression that you made an effort to get the house ready for prospects.

Window film. If your property is one that has it’s windows exposed to neighbours or excessive sun, a window file can be used to rectify this problem. Not only does decorative window films make a home look posh, it also serves the practical purpose of protecting your privacy from curious neighbours. Fixing up these things are as easy as measure, cut, paste. And they are easily available and affordable from shopping malls.

Window blinds. It is understandable that you want to spend as little as possible on the furnishings for your investment property. This can sometimes leave a house with areas that somehow look empty. The living room is most prone to this effect as usually this is the first room a visitor see through the window on arriving. To prevent an empty look from the outside, install window blinds or curtains to block the view from the outside.

Clever use of mirrors

Clever use of mirrors

Mirrors. Have you ever had one of those experiences where you are absolutely certain that a room is so big? But only realise a while later that you have been tricked by a piece of super clean mirror? Mirrors play visual tricks on us. The good thing is the the effect of these tricks gives us the feeling of spaciousness and luxury. Mirrors work well near the dinning table for visual impact and fengshui as well. Be careful of going overboard with mirrors. Although fixing up mirrors can be expensive, the visual effect could be worth it. Be mindful the more and the bigger mirrors you have, the more likely your tenants are going to damage them.

Electrical power outlets. Power outlet covers often de-colour after some time. It is actually an easy and cheap fix to replace them. Imagine giving a room a beautiful new coat of paint but the dirty old switch sticks out like a flare in the ocean. You will of course make sure they work properly by plugging something in while you are at it.

Lights. Many homes are still using exposed fluorescent lights or bulbs for their home. You shouldn’t do that if you want to create great aesthetics. Replace all these with covered light fixtures with a little design. When you put an old light fixture to a modern one, you will see for yourself how big a difference it can play on your gut feeling. These things are also inexpensive and you can get them in any lighting store or mega malls. Low hanging lights are best used only above the dining table.

Dimmers. Just having a dimmer can show a visitor how much attention an owner pays to his home ambience. The best place to install them are the living room and dining room. Fixing it up is not as difficult as you might imagine. If you have to, get a handyman to fix it up for a small fee.

Holes in walls. You may have completely overlooked the holes on your walls from drilling and nailing. But they will be very obvious even to an untrained eye if we are talking about an empty room. Before painting over your walls with a fresh coat of minty flavoured paint, remember to fix these holes on the wall so that the paint work will smoothen out. If you don’t know, you can easily obtain fillers from the DIY store to fill up and conceal these ugly holes.

Doorknobs and handles. The doorknob is important as it is the first place a person looks at when he has to open a door. It is also inevitable that he is going to feel the knob when he reaches out for it. In fact, other than the floor a prospect is walking on, the door knob can possibly be the only place he will get a feel of in the whole house when viewing. You don’t have to fix up a diamond studded doorknob. Just take note of this important point when replacing it.

Sliding doors. You don’t want sliding doors that choke when you open it for a prospect. Usually problematic sliding doors can be repaired by oiling the roller track or replacing them. It almost always is a problem of rollers being unaligned with the track. This can be due to corrosion or warping due to patio or balcony doors being exposed to the elements.

Main door. A strong, bold looking lock will add a sense of security to a potential buyer. For some reason, those chrome looking stainless steel clamp locks look like something any bad guy should not mess with. Consider upgrading your locks to those. You can either give your main door a fresh coat of paint or replace it completely. Just note that if you will be working on the flooring, get the door fixed before commencing on the floor.


Not exactly a confidence booster

Window glass. Cracked glass is not just an eyesore, but a safety hazard as well. This repair is something you have to undertake. You don’t want to get into legal problems when a tenant injures himself from a cracked window. This is inexpensive. But if your window panes are in poor condition as well, consider replacing the whole shebang.

Bathrooms. There are 3 cardinal rules for glittering bathrooms. Dry, odourless, and clean surfaces. This applies to your bathtub as well. A dirty bathroom is a complete turn-off for prospects. Just having the thought of having to deal with it can cause some to vomit in their mouths. I believe you are smart enough to figure out how to attain the 3 rules.

Cabinets. The common place for cabinets to be scrutinized is the living room and the kitchen. More so the kitchen than the living room. This is because the kitchen is often the domain of the wife. And she is usually the indirect ultimate decision maker of selecting a place to buy or rent. Laminates often peel or break off. This can be hazardous. It’s ugly as well. So remember to fix this. Occupants who have a fear of pest will also be mindful of gaps between cabinet doors. The logic is that big gaps allow pest to enter and hide in the cabinets. A buyer who is particular in workmanship will be able to spot shoddy work easily. Hinges often come loose from frequent use. Do inspect them for replacement as well.

Kitchen appliances. Buyers may not be particular on appliances as they have their own preferences to bring into the kitchen. But tenants will see kitchen appliances as important factors. Touch them up be cleaning the surfaces so that they at least appear in tip top condition. Important items include the refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, stove, etc. If you don’t have them in hygienic working condition, they shouldn’t be there at all.

For landed properties

Drains and gutters. These have to be cleared up so that rainwater can flow through them without problems. You can use a splash block to help divert water away. Leaks and cracks can be touched up with silicon fillings. Sometimes, leaks are not caused by cracks but actually from loose fittings. In this case, just tightening up the joints will be enough.

Garage. The garage is often where we store things that look completely out of place in the house. This is why it often looks like a heavy duty workshop. Clear it of unwanted items and scrub the floor. If you are using electrical doors, check the batteries to make sure that it opens properly when you want it to. Don’t forget to check the lights of the garage.

Neat trimmed lawn

Neat trimmed lawn

Landscaping. A nicely trimmed garden will not go unnoticed. A simple lawn-mower will do a good job for you unless you have a 1 hectare property to handle. It can be painfully obvious when a lawn has been neglected by it’s owners. You will not be stereotyped as one of them.

With this knowledge in your hands you will also be better equipped to size up potential properties that you are looking to buy. Analyse the work required to get it up to scratch quickly to identify a good buy before anyone else.

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