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Preparing Your House For Property Inspection Before Closing

By on May 10, 2013

Any buyer worth his salt will want to have the property inspected before finalizing the deal at closing. This is because a 10 minute viewing before purchase is grossly insufficient to verify if there are problem areas that need to be addressed. A property worth as much as what it costs in Singapore has to be inspected by a prudent buyer. Here is a checklist to prepare for the inspection.

Damp areas

A damp spot is a sure sign of concern. This can be the ceiling, walls, pipes and other fixtures. And a wet area can be blatantly obvious to a trained eye. Get them fixed quickly.

Exterior walls

The exterior of a house can be the pride of the property buyer. Because the majority of people who see the house is going to see it from the outside, no home owner will want people to view his home as a dump just from the exterior appearance. Look out for cracks, peels and insect nests.


If your property has a roof, you must have known by now that the roof is one of the most neglected parts of a house. Usually nobody pays attention to it until something goes wrong. Inspectors will be looking cracks, missing tiles, wear and tear, etc.

Drainage and sewage

These are big ticket items and the costs to repair or replace are high. As long as heavy does not cause water ponding in any areas, you should be fine. As flash floods are now a common occurrence, more people could be looking at this particular area with interest. Inspectors may flush the pipes to check the speed and efficiency of water flow. These areas include wash rooms, sinks and basins.

The swimming pool is too damp for my liking


If you have a chimney, you could think that it is the last place anyone will inspect because of the dirt. But property inspectors are paid to do so. They also use high tech equipments to inspect the chute. The concern is on health and fire hazards as well as a home for pests.

Electrical wiring

If you hired a lazy electrician in the first place to hook up your wiring, you could get a shock when you take a look :under the hood”. Bad setups can pose a potential safety hazard. Don’t be surprised to see inspectors removing covers to assess internal wiring that have never seen the light of day.


Once an army of pest has taken to your home, it could be very difficult to totally annihilate them from the house. You can hire pest control specialists to handle this. But pests almost always come back. Prevention is better than cure. And you can bet that a buyer will want this to be handled before taking over.

Sometimes property sellers attempt to hide material information to buyers in the hope that they will not find out until after the deal is closed. Remember that you can be held liable for lying or hiding material information about the property. It is best to practice good faith to benefit both buyer and seller. You do not want a seller to do the same to you when it is your turn to buy.

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