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How to Turn a Broad Niche Into a Profitable Sub-Niche

By on April 20, 2019

Many marketers may think that it is great to have a broad niche for their marketing endeavors, but it makes more sense to opt for a narrower targeted niche for more profits.

A narrower niche works to help marketers establish their authority and reputation faster in the marketplace..

There should be an area in which marketers are passionate about where impressive contents and marketing campaigns would attract targeted niche audiences with a greater response.

However, many marketers fall into the trap of a broad niche website or blog that brings in too much diversity for a quick and profitable reap for the marketer.

Marketers who are well aware of the more dynamic sub-niche or narrower area of contention could enhance their marketing strategies and campaigns to be more effective with the following steps.

1) Seek Inspiration

Marketers could narrow their broad market niches into more dynamic sub-niches through available channels in the marketplace.

The local book store could offer loads of inspiration that would work on a narrower niche.

Magazines and newspapers are always screaming out the latest consumer demand and current market trends to offer insights in developing the best marketing strategy or campaign with greater effectiveness on business bottom lines.

These resources offer quality featured articles and contents which could trigger a sharp idea which marketers could indulge on and build a marketing buzz for their benefit.

Magazines and newspapers normally highlight the latest demands and trends in the market, which marketers could pick up and crank their creative juices in narrowing down their wide list of potential business niches for greater earnings.

The Internet is another excellent source for marketing inspiration where there are so many potential channels from blogs, directories, social media and forums in which marketers could identify broad and narrow niches easily.

Even online ads and content titles could be sufficient to be inspiring for dynamic sub-niches which marketers could venture into.

2) Input from Audience

Marketers who have existing customers or a list of potential business leads in their mailing list could garner important and relevant input from such sources.

These would be very good sources to seek the best of narrow niches to indulge in as these audiences form the real life participants who know what they want.

Marketers who are able to provide what their audiences are asking are poised for success in the market if they could transform the demands into solutions that satisfy.

It could be specific personal or work issues which their customers or potential leads may want resolved.

Current customers and brand supporters or curious consumers are more than ready to provide the necessary feedback and constructive criticisms on the brand or products and services for improvement to happen.

It is up to the marketers, whether they wish to accept the good and the bad feedback from customers and consumers.

If they do, they would have a host of potential sub-niches to work on as such public feedback is usually very precise and current.

Traffic to the website could be increased when the sub-niche is clearly identified with feasible solutions where more sales happen in the process.

3) Check out Helpful Sites

There are many helpful sites and service providers on the Internet like which could assist in identifying and targeting local sub-niches that would benefit marketers.

Such sites offer valuable local marketing information to cut down the time and effort of marketers in finding their niche markets more quickly.

They are also often the first point of contact for groups like real estate investment groups.

A simple site research would be useful in identifying the relevant niches which the marketers could deploy in the formation of their dynamic marketing plans and campaigns.

There could be physical and virtual options with specializations that unveil many potential micro-niches which marketers could leverage on.

4) Leverage on Social Media Platforms

Marketers could also take advantage of social media giants like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to check out the countless micro-niche options.

Marketers could have a field day in choosing from the wide array of niches for the building of their business effectively.

These dynamic social platforms offer a ready-made marketplace with lots of potential business leads and relevant demographic information to aid niche market targeting.

This vast pool of dynamic business prospects and buyers has plenty of good business ideas to offer which the smart marketer could capitalize on.

The detailed demographics information breakdown is excellent for effective targeted advertising.

Different social platforms offer different components in their own uniqueness which marketers could tap on for higher profits.

Marketers could indulge in one or more for greater business outcomes.

5) Participate in Online Forums

There is always something happening with online forums, especially in real estate and related topics.

The vast number of participants offers marketers a most conducive platform to seek out hot niches to work on in building their business at any time or season.

Marketers who understand the dynamics of online forums would jump quickly onto the bandwagon to secure a good slice of the market pie for their own benefit.

The forums provide an excellent platform to find the latest sub-niches as the forum topics focus on such dynamics.

Marketers who take the time and effort in forum participation would be sure to garner many interesting sub-niches to fuel their businesses.

Creative marketers could also create their own forums with specific niches and test out the market response.

This approach would help them confirm if their preferred niche is viable through the feedback or comments of forum participants.

This would save marketers a lot of time, effort and cost in their marketing endeavors which would generate more successful marketing campaigns.


The market offers great potentials to every marketer who is initiative and innovative. The competition is likely to intensify as more business ventures spring up by aspiring Internet marketers.

However, smart marketers, new or veteran, could stay relevant in the market by narrowing down their broad market niches to keep their business growing.

All other profitable decisions and actions should flow from here.

As technology progresses, more dynamic solutions would be made readily available for the marketer to turn their broad business niche into profitable sub-niches.

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