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Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods For Smaller Kitchens

By on April 28, 2017

1 rghd61 Broan QS130BL 220 CFM Under Cabinet Hood, 30-Inches, Black
2 rghd21 Maytag UXT5530AAS 30″ Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood
3 rghd31 BV Stainless Steel 30″ Under Cabinet High Airflow (800 CFM) Ducted Range Hood with LED Lights
4 rghd41 AKDY Stainless Steel 30-Inch Grease Filters Under Cabinet Kitchen Silver Range Hood
5 rghd51 Broan 413004 ADA Capable Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood, 30-Inch, Stainless Steel
6 rghd61 AKDY New AZ1802 30″ Under Cabinet Stainless Steel Range Hood Illuminated Keypad Baffle Filters

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The range hood is one of those products that have rose in prominence only in the last decade or 2. In the old days, it is very common for homes not to have any hoods. And you can’t find them taking up prime retail space in malls like they are doing so today.

Something happened. Something clicked. I don’t know what is was. But now, range hoods are pretty much mass market products that new homeowners will want to have in their kitchens.

While homes are getting smaller, especially in city areas, smaller kitchens mean that under cabinet range hoods are the preferred category of hoods to save space.

Key considerations when choosing under cabinet range hoods

The ideal piece of fixtures in the kitchen are those with a great blend of form and function.

But we all know that shopping for furniture for a house can be a very tedious task. And even after spending days hunting for the right furniture, fixtures, and appliances, we can still end up with a lemon.

Fortunately, features of range hoods are more or less similar. This means that the design and dimensions will be the key criteria when choosing one to fit under the kitchen cabinet.


The measurement of fixtures is always an important element in design planning throughout the house. This factor is even more critical when you consider that range hoods are permanent fixtures whose positions cannot be altered after being fixed.

This is assuming you won’t tear down the cabinet 😀

Without looking at your cabinets, it will be impossible to provide a guideline to what type of dimension requirements are best for you. So please don’t be lazy in working out your measurements. And don’t get this part wrong.


Unless you can get a carpenter to do a custom job, you are not going to end up with a ducted hood. There is simply no space to fit a vent for airflow in a small apartment kitchen.

Under cabinet range hoods are ideal for small spaces. And that also means that you will be better suited to filtration systems rather than airflow circulation.

Consider using charcoal filters to maximize filtration.

Power outlet

Depending on the model you buy, a power outlet could be required. Don’t make the rookie mistake of buying a hood that requires a power point but you did not install one near it.

What is CFM?

CFM stand for cubic feet per minute. As the term suggest, it is a measure of the amount of air the system can displace within a minute.

For effective ventilation, get one with at least 350 CFM.

Can you go ducted?

While you might have already decided to get a non-ducted range hood, I strongly suggest that you put a little consideration into a ducted one unless your limitations make that decision impossible.

If your limitations are due to living restrictions like the rules set by homeowners’ associations in a condominium, then there’s pretty much nothing you can do. With families living in close proximity, neighbors would suffer when a household uses a vented hood that releases pollutants into the surrounding air.

But if you challenge is more of an interior design problem, consider getting your designer to fit in a ducted hood.

The reason is very simple.

Ducted hoods are more effective in doing what range hoods are supposed to do. They circulate air and pulls pollutants like grease, gas, and smoke out of the house when you cook.

That’s not to say that non-ducted under cabinet range hoods are not efficient. They already do a good job at kitchen maintenance. And you should be able to notice a huge difference between a house with one and one without.


Remember that under cabinet range hoods are long term kitchen fixtures. Replacing them can be a chore and quite a messy affair. This is due to them having no standard dimension, and that cabinets are often woodworked to fit specific models.

So it can be of more value to buy a good one so that it can last for years to come rather than take a punt on a cheaper one that don’t have a proven track record.

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