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Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk Review

By on June 2, 2018

You might have just registered a home office and setting a space at home or trying to maximize the use of space in the office.

Now you need to buy a workstation desk where you can draft the contracts, work out quotations, or just tabulate your spreadsheets for the end of the month.

And that space in the corner just seems so perfect to place that computer desk. An L-shaped desk to be exact.

There’s something about L-shaped desks that just makes sense.

You don’t need a furniture expert with 50 years experience in the industry to tell you the pros of an L-shaped desk.

If you are looking around and comparing the different types of L-shaped work desk, let me save you the trouble and say straight up that you should put the Bush Furniture Cabot l-shaped computer desk on top of your shortlist.

This is a beauty that comes in 3 color designs:

  1. Espresso Oak
  2. Harvest Cherry
  3. Heather Gray

Unless you are going for a minimalist futuristic design, all 3 designs would fit nicely into any contemporary interior design theme.

With dimensions of 59 1/2″ by 59 1/2″ by 30 1/4″, it is also practical enough to provide enough space for both a computer and “empty” surface space for manual work.

You can of course choose which side of the table to set up your computer. But if you are indecisive on this part, the left side is where the attached 4-port USB hub is installed together with a hole for running wires. Making it the preferred side of the desk to set up the computer.

On this side, there is also a good old pull out drawer where you can hide the keyboards or a laptop.

The unit also comes with stylish storage compartments on both ends of the desk.

On the right, you will find a drawer to keep small items like stationary and a deeper cabinet for storing files and folders.

On the left is a stylish tall cabinet compartment fitted with fluted glass door. Above this cabinet is a convenient soft tray to hold your mobile devices and other personal electronic items.

As if that’s not enough, you can order and “expansion set” in the form of a matching color Hutch to fit on top of the computer desk to create a library.

More features of Bush Furniture Cabot l-shaped computer desk

  • Deceptively large work surface for comfort
  • 4 port USB hub
  • Soft tray
  • Concealed storage compartments with stylish doors
  • Box drawer
  • 3 colors designs
  • Optional hutch
  • Pull out keyboard tray
  • More matching furniture
  • Backed by the Bush Furniture 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Is this computer desk worth buying?

All in all, this is an affordable L-shaped work desk that packs a real punch in terms of features and practicality.

Yet it wouldn’t look out of place at all in a room with premium looking interior design.

What we like the most about this product is it’s expensive looking finish, especially the style and detail of the storage drawer and file cabinets.

Chrome hardware on the cabinet adds a touch of elegance to the table. While the slider drawer moves smoothly with ball bearings.

There are of course other L-shaped computer desks on the market that are off better quality build. But they are going to cost at least twice as much as this.

See what buyers are saying about this item.

There are however, a common drawbacks.

As with a lot of furniture being bought online these days, the consumer will take on the responsibility of assembly.

Even though this desk can appear to be simple to put together, keep in mind that there are cabinets, drawers and trays to install.

Assembly should be a piece of cake for someone who does not hate hands-on work. But it can be a challenge for someone who has never set up his/her own furniture before.

Saying that, the assembly manual should be able to easily guide any buyer to quickly put things together.

Overall, this is an excellent choice if it fits your budget as it delivers great value.

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