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Coleman 120V Electric Quick Pump

By on June 30, 2017


Even if you present the image of an adult in front of family and friends, there will still be a part of you bursting with excitement when it comes to inflatable fixtures.

This could be due to many reason including:

  • you are the man in the family and inflating things make you look masculine
  • the thought of your children playing about on the inflatable mattress makes you smile
  • you want to play on whatever you are inflating
  • deflating it can be just as fun

With how much manufacturing has become flexible nowadays, there are more and more inflatable products being introduced into the market.

Now there are things like outdoor swimming pools, airbeds, floats, etc, in all types of shapes and sizes.

Lately oversized inflatables for swimming pools like flamingos and swans have also become popular.

Anyway my point is that there are more and more inflatable products offered by retailers these days.

And a big reason why this trend is on an upward spiral is because the biggest problem with using inflatable products has been solved. The problem I’m talking about here is in filling the product with air.

You see… in the past, consumers loathe the thought of having to blow up something like an air mattress manually with their mouths.

And even the best a savvy consumer might come up with is a manual pump for bicycles and balls. Using manual pumps can be a hassle and a tiring process too.

This is why inflatables have never been a mass market product range… until now where electrical pumps meant for consumer use rather than industrial use have become readily available.

And one of those dependable electrical air pumps is the Coleman QuickPump.

You might think that all pump has to do is pump air. So what’s so special about such a product?

Well… you are right that there’s nothing amazing of a pump. But there is something amazing about one that you can depend on to do what it’s supposed to do consistently – To quickly inflate and deflate inflatables without damaging the it.

Such an irony that it so hard to find an electric air pump that can properly do this ONE thing repetitively…

Features of Coleman Quick Pump:

  • Available in 12V, 120V, 4D battery, and universally rechargeable
  • Air flow in 26.01 CFM, 36.56 CFM, 14.7 CFM, and 23.78 CFM respectively
  • Red in color
  • Powerful inflation and deflation functions
  • Multiple valve adapters available
  • 6 feet power cord

Drawbacks of Coleman QuickPump

The first drawback that comes to mind is the lack of color variants. Although I love red, I can imagine a lot of people at home would prefer to have this product in a different color.

And the moment you see how amazing this thing works flawlessly, you might be tempted to use it on car tires and other things that require a higher air pressure.

Although the 120V version does pack a punch, I have my reservations on whether it will be able to inflate something big and sturdy like a swimming pool. I haven’t tested on one.

But if are primarily using it for outdoor sofas, beds, and other basic stuff, when you go camping, it should be powerful enough to leave you more than satisfied with the results.

Is this electric powered air pump worth buying?

Unlike a smart phone, there is really only 1 main factor that renders this an able product or one that is useless.

And that is: Can it pump?

The answer is a resounding “YES!”

Further more when I was first shopping around for such a product, I was expecting it to cost somewhere in the region of $50. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that Coleman’s powerful electric pump is priced at less than $20. And it’s a proven product.

Just take a look at the reviews it is getting.

And with all factors considered, I suggest that the 120V is the best choice. It has the most air flow. It’s compact squarish shape and small size also fits nicely into the boot of your vehicle without taking up too much space. Leaving your with enough room for the hiking gear.

Above all else, it sure as hell eliminates the biggest chore when you are having fun with inflatables. The inconvenience of inflating and deflating will no longer affect your mood in the outdoors.

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