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Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Review

By on August 8, 2017


There is just something about the great outdoors that is alluring. Other than the fresh air you get into your lungs, the feeling of getting away from the city’ skyscrapers and being with nature is so appealing that many people make the outdoor activities part and parcel of their lifestyles.

And if you can’t set aside a weekend every month to go hiking or camping, you can always conduct more activities in the yard or the park.

This is exactly what more and more people are doing these days.

You see… with the hustle of a hectic work life and pollution we are so used to these days, one of the most popular de-stressing past times now is to just go out, find an open field, and set up shop.

And unless you are camping to spend the night, a canopy for a day trip or event is more suitable when you prefer to sleep in your spring mattress and silky bedsheets at home.

The problem with canopies is that unlike a tent which can be sealed to prevent pesky intruders like insects and small animals, canopies have no protection screens.

The logic is that if you want to enjoy the outdoors, why “locked” yourself in with a sealed canopy?

Well the response is that although people enjoy the outdoor experience ever so much, we also hate pests. Some people also have a natural phobia with insects and would scream from the sight of one.

In extreme cases, individuals can even be so petrified that they freeze immediately.

To meet the needs of this niche segment of outdoor lovers, Coleman developed a screened version of a family-sized canopy.

To tell you the truth, this is one of those products that can have people thinking “Why didn’t I thought of that?!”

It’s so obvious, yet subtle, that it makes complete sense.

Features of Coleman Instant Screened Canopy


  • Easy 3-step setup that can be completed in minutes
  • Protect yourself from the harmful ray of the sun, sand carried by the wind, and insects that want to say “hello”
  • Two large T-doors, entry and exit from back and front
  • Doors can be kept open with loops, while zippers can keep the shut
  • Vaulted ceiling creates more headroom for taller guests
  • UVGuard technology helps block the sun’s harmful rays
  • Comfort grips lock shelter into place with pinch-free adjustability
  • Can be stored in easy-pull carry bag that fits inside most cars
  • Skeleton frame made with steel
  • 10.24 x 13.78 x 48.03 inche
  • 1-year limited warranty

Drawbacks of Coleman Instant Screened Canopy

This is pretty heavy as you can expect of a proper canopy that does it’s job. So you can forget about leaving the setup to kids. Anyway, I bet that the task of setting up could be the fun part which you are looking forward to.

Ideally, the most efficient set up will be done by a couple of adults as a team. But really, 1 person should be enough to do the job. Just remember not to rush it.

And for a quality product that is created out of practicality, it is not designed to be fully waterproof. It does a pretty good job of resisting leakage, but in extreme weather, be prepared to see the drips from the ceiling.

This product design probably has a lot of thought put into it. So I cannot imagine the design team simple “forgot” that it rains in the outdoors. Maybe it had something to do with the extra weight and and cost required to manufacture it fully waterproof.

So if you want to have peace of mind over this water issue, you might want to use a tent waterproofing spray on it.

Lastly, don’t forget that anything and everything gets beaten up by the sun one way or another. Even solar cells can be damaged by the sun. So don’t expect the canopy to remain in mint condition after leaving it for weeks exposed to the elements.

This is the common drawback of outdoor products.

Should you spend your hard earned money on the Coleman Instant Screened Canopy Review?

If you asked whether you should get a canopy for your yard and camping trips, I’d say yes without skipping a beat.

But whether to indulge yourself with the security and protection of a screen depends from person to person and family to family.

Some people prefer openness and putting a screen between them and the field can feel like defeating the purpose of going outdoors. While some people like to be protected with a screen or simply want to have the option of having a screen or not.

And then there are those family member who hate the outdoors but tag along because it’s a family activity. This product could make their reservations a little more tolerable.

I can imagine sitting in a foldable field chair in this screened canopy with an icebox beside me filled with beer. And chilling out inside out of range of mosquitoes and sand flies.

You can set up a table inside for the barbecue food so that insects and the dog don’t get to it. Coleman has got it covered.

But even if you don’t do camping trips and hiking adventures, if you have a backyard with wide open space, this canopy would make a great addition to your outdoor fixtures.

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