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What Different Types Of Active Listings Mean

By on May 21, 2019

An active listing refers to a property listed on a real estate listing portal (such as the MLS) that is available for sale at that point in time.

This listing status serves the important role of informing browsers about whether a property is still available, no longer for sale, or sold, etc.

Because deals that have been closed are eventually removed from listings, the overwhelming majority of houses for sale in websites and portals are active listings.

This means that the sellers of these properties are still open to offers and have yet to agree a sale with any potential buyer yet.

While an active listing should be good enough to inform a potential prospect that a house is still available to buy, there are also different active statuses that can offer a little more detail into a listing.

Active contingent

This means that a transaction price has been agreed between buyer a seller.

The only thing holding back the from closing is the buyer’s need to fulfill certain conditions.

It could be a need to obtain approval for a mortgage or having to sell the current house before proceeding.

This can sometimes be known as an active kick-out or active with contingent.

Active first right

This is a status which indicates that a prior agreement has been made between buyer and seller.

The deal has not closed and in somewhat of a pending status.

However, when the home seller receives any other offers to buy the house, the previous buyer would have the opportunity to match the offer and close the deal.

Active no show

This is an active listing status that informs prospects that viewing can only be conducted during certain timing or by appointment.

Active due diligence

This status is meant to show that an offer has been accepted.

But it is currently in the period within the option that has not been exercised.

This means that there is still a chance that the buyer would walk away for one reason or another.

Finally, be careful not to confuse an active listing and open listing.

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