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Arterial Road

By on September 26, 2018

An arterial road, or arterial street, is basically a high capacity road designed to allow traffic to flow through an area as efficiently as possible.

Sometimes also known as arterial thoroughfare, they are often found right in the midst of urban areas to help commuters who have to pass by the city without having to suffer from traffic jams.

The main purpose of these roads are to carry traffic from feeder and collector roads to expressways and freeways without having to clog up streets in the city area.

Often with no entrances or exits in densely populated areas of the city, as that would defeat the purpose of the mini-highway, the cars that constantly zoom past can be an odd sight in cities where people are so used to seeing vehicles piling up in bottlenecks due to the high volume of them.

It must be noted that while retailers desire locations with high traffic, real estate located on these types of roads are not ideal for businesses that depend on ad-hoc walk-in customers.

This is because no one would be getting off their cars.

The only hope is that an exit will be constructed in the area. Something that has a low probability of happening.

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