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By on September 17, 2019

DINK is an abbreviation for the slang “dual income no kids” which refers to the niche market of two working adults with no children.

This can refer to both buyers or sellers.

When a buyer has been identified as DINK by a real estate agent, various needs that are commonly associated with such dual income couples are often assumed unless the client expressly say otherwise.

This could mean that in an effort to help better meet their needs, an agent might recommend houses that don’t have to be child-proof. Houses with romance in the air. Or even less urban areas where a child can be in danger when left alone.

Sometimes also referred to as never-nesters, DINKs often have strong buying power as they don’t have to budget for child expenses.

And if a child is not in their plans, they tend to be more than willing to splash out on houses and apartments.

Saying that, categorizing clients as DINKs are not meant to be demeaning or humor.

It just helps agents to better understand the needs of their clients.

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