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Dock-high Building

By on November 4, 2019

A dock-high building is a building in which a loading and unloading area is situated at it’s main floor with a height that enables trucks to directly loan and unload at the floor level.

This type of building is understandably most often constructed for industrial property where trading company tenants require such facilities and infrastructure for efficient loading and unloading of product inventory.

This eliminates the need to transfer items from the delivery vehicles to the floor, and from the floor to the cargo elevators.

Not only is work efficiency enhanced, safety hazards are also reduced.

In dock-high buildings, stocks can be directly be unloaded within short distance from cargo lifts.

Trailers with shipping containers can be opened right into the unloading dock.

Sometimes, residential developments also have dock-high access. This is especially so when there commercial activities within the building.

But when they are constructed at residential property, the dock-high area would usually be out of sight at the back end.

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