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Equity Of Redemption

By on May 15, 2019

The equity of redemption is a legal right of a borrower to retain interest in a property that will be foreclosed by paying the amount owed plus interest.

Once the debt is paid off, the mortgage is said to be discharged and the property redeemed.

This right of a mortgagor is written in law and not a term that is offered by a lender to a borrower.

However, sometimes loan contract include a redemption clause that serve to inform the borrower of it’s existence.

But borrowers can often mistake it as a right provided by the lender.

In some cases, debt settlements and short sales can be agreed between borrowers and lenders.

While the result of these events also enable a borrower to retain his interest in the property, they are not considered as redemptions in definition.

The term redemption can also be confused with prepayment of mortgages. They mean different things.

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