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Farm Area

By on September 7, 2019

A farm area is an industry jargon that is used to describe a particular geographic area in which a particular real estate agent is an expert in and dedicates almost all his efforts into marketing.

This area will then be the agent’s farm area. It has nothing to do with rural real estate.

This is a particularly effective strategy of marketing as local residents and prospective buyers who wishes to purchase property in that area would usually prefer to hire an agent who knows the local area inside out.

The agent would be able to know exactly what is going on in the area right on his fingertips and would be able to provide added value to clients.

The challenge is that it takes time for an agent to standout as a famous agent in any neighborhood, let alone be recognized as a resident agent of a geographic area.

However, agents can often niche down their farm area by specializing in specific buildings and slowly move up from there.

While being a specialist in local communities can seem like having limited opportunities, the rewards can also be massive should an agent be able to stand out in the farm area.

There would be a perpetual flow of “crops” to harvest.

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