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Fee Appraiser

By on March 20, 2019

A fee appraiser is an appraiser who does his job of providing a qualified estimation of a property’s property in exchange for a professional fee.

While this can seem obvious on the surface, it has various material connotations. Thus, one is not called just an “appraiser” but a “fee appraiser” instead.

Often times, appraisers are tied into working relationships with third-parties such as a banks.

In doing so, one can seldom assume that the work they do for banks are not favorable to the party that pays them.

As such, sometimes appraisers that are appointed by banks are called “review appraisers”.

It is generally understood that fee appraisers will conduct their work in a more impartial and non-bias manner as they get paid for their expertise. Not for making the people at the top happy.

And for this reason, third parties sometimes insist on using their suggested appraisers so that they can somewhat influence an appraisal report directly or indirectly.

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