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Fortress Mall

By on November 7, 2018

A fortress mall is a slang used to describe a high end shopping mall with at least one departmental store and minimum of four anchor tenants.

They will also have ample parking space to cater for high volume of human traffic at any time of the day.

The purpose of these mega retail developments is to be a one-stop shopping experience for consumers to find anything they are looking for.

In effect, they can spend the whole day in the area to fulfill all their shopping needs.

Shoppers will be captured inside the fortress and will not be shown the exit until they spend to their last penny and their credit card limits explode.

Quite a formidable strategy.

They are often owned and managed by REITs due to the high capital outlay.

However, recent years have seen performance of such malls declining due to a shift in consumer desires.

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