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Insulation Disclosure

By on October 11, 2018

The insulation disclosure is a FTC rule that requires sellers of new homes to make declarations or disclosures regarding the R-value, type, and thickness of insulation installed for the homes.

This covers all parties who are involved in the selling of new homes including sales staff of developers, real estate agents of agencies, builders, etc.

Also known as the R-value rule, the information should be stated in sales contracts so that buyers knowingly acknowledge them.

The reason for enforcing the insulation disclosure rule is to prevent gullible buyers from being cheated as insulation within the walls can be tedious to inspect.

This makes it a good area to shortchange a buyer without getting noticed.

By the time a new home owner discovers that there is insufficient insulation, he could already be suffering health problems from it and it might be too late to install new ones.

Parties who fail to adhere to the R-value rule can be fined by the FTC.

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