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Muniment Of Title

By on January 20, 2019

The term muniment of title refers to legal documentation that serves as an evidence of title ownership, which implies proof of property ownership.

Sometimes referred to simply as muniment, the most common types of legal documents in this category are contracts and deeds.

For example, when filing a title using the Torrens system, muniments of title are one of the requirements.

These are proofs of ownership and enables a owner to defend his title against other claimants.

When there is a dispute to title ownership, a deed or contract can be the muniment of title that a party uses to defend or enforce his claims to the property.

It is intuitively understood that such documentation are essential for the proper transaction of real estate and the ownership transfer of it.

In the official recording systems used by government agencies, property information has to be submitted with supporting documentation to prove ownership.

In this case, original muniments of title might be requested for review.

While regular homeowners might label these documents simply as paperwork, there are serious legal implications when such terms are used.

For example, when litigation has resulted in granting title to real property, then the loser of the case cannot bring the next owners to court to challenge for ownership again.

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