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One Hundred Percent Location

By on November 24, 2018

A one-hundred-percent location is a term used to refer to a specific spot within an urban area where rental and land value are the highest.

They are not limited to commercial or residential developments. And can often by a mix of residential and commercial units.

While some people consider this as the “best” location, categorizing a property as the best can be very subjective.

Because even though it might have a high value, it might not offer the best returns to an investor due to the huge capital outlay. And while the location is good with a host of amenities nearby, a homeowner might not like the bustling neighborhood.

There are may reasons why a property considered as the best by one would not meet the expectations of another.

This is why a one hundred percent location is usually just used as a benchmark reference when researching other properties in the area.

If a particular spot is the standard 100%, then how many percent would another spot be?

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