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Run With The Land

By on September 22, 2018

Run with the land is an expression that describes a right, rule, or restriction that don’t just affect the current owner of a particular property, but all future owners as well.

Easements and covenants are common items that run with the land.

This is because the terms are binding on the land. And owners of the land will be bound by it by default.

Buyers of such real estate who have no knowledge of any rules that run with the land will only have their due diligence checks to blame should they find them unfavorable.

However depending on circumstances, landlord might find such requirements either advantageous or disadvantageous.

It is as opposed to leases and tenancy agreements where terms agreed upon by landlord and tenant expire at the end of the contract.

New terms will then have to be agreed with new tenants.

Terms contained in an agreements of sale might allow reentry of a previous owner should a new owner be unable to use the property for their intended purpose when acquiring it.

However whether that right will will be exercised will depend on the previous owner as it was not his fault that a buyer finds a property not useful only after purchasing it.

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