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By on September 5, 2018

Superadequacy is a term used to describe components of real estate that is beyond what is necessary to the practical use of the structure.

While the concept of necessity can be subjective, it is generally accepted that there is superadequacy when additions to a house are not essentials for:

  • The current use of the property
  • The anticipated use of the property

So such improvements or overimprovements to the house will not add any value to it.

Examples of super-adequacy can be adding a building-wide humidifying system when the building is located in a tropical climate that experiences high humidity throughout the year.

Installing gold plated washroom fixtures when there is really no need for them.

Or even installing an industrial air-conditioner that easily cover 10,000 square feet for a studio apartment.

It must be noted that modern usage of the word superadequacy has marginalized the property description of it.

These days, almost any form of luxury furniture and fixtures at home might be considered by others as superadequacy.

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