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Tax Roll

By on October 7, 2019

A tax roll refers to public records containing a list of all properties that are taxable in the county.

This tax roll would contain various details about the properties including:

  • Name(s) of owners
  • Assessed value
  • Tax amount
  • Millage rates
  • etc

This helps the authorities have an overview of what is the total assessed value of properties in specific areas, and how much property tax revenue can be collected.

From the total assessed value, it can also be determined how much tax can be charged so that a target amount of property tax revenue can be collected to continue running their operations in an efficient way.

So if the authorities decide to reduce tax for the year, they’d still have to consider the minimum they have to collect so as not to run into a deficit.

Meticulous investors in a particular area would also find the documents provide additional information for their investment decisions.

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