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Zero Lot Line

By on September 25, 2018

A zero lot line refers to certain type of cluster housing whereby even though 2 or more dwelling units belong to the same development, they sit on property lines that separate platted lots, or are built right to the very edge.

Because such layout planning has great potential for legal tussles to arise, they are often indirectly prohibited by local zoning.

Sometimes 2 different residential units are even attached to one another while sitting on the line.

The biggest reason for home buyers to buy a zero lot line house is that it is more affordable as they only pay for the area of the lot holding the house. Especially when they are for real estate in an urban area.

By building homes as close to the line as possible, homeowners are able to get maximum living space within the compounds of the land.

However, this also means that they sacrifice the luxury of having a yard, deck, or patio.

The main disadvantage is that even though it’s not exactly communal living in definition, it can pretty much feel like living in a flat as residents live in close proximity to each other.

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