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Money Efficiency Of Living In Studio Apartments

By on March 5, 2014

When you have finally decide to move to a new dwelling either on rental basis or on an ownership basis, you may get confused while choosing between a studio apartment and a regular sized apartment of one or two bedrooms.

While each type has its own set of pros and cons, it is generally observed that the costs of living in a studio apartment is much lower compared to a regular sized one.

This money efficiency can be measured in terms of revenue savings, or in terms of space management or time management while cleaning the apartment.

How is a studio apartment different from a regular big apartment?

A studio apartment is just a small apartment with one multipurpose room that serves as living area, dining area and sleeping area.

It is essentially all the things you come to expect from a house packed into a small space that is about the size of a common living room.

A regular one or two bedroom apartment on the other hand is an apartment where there are special designated areas for kitchen, living space, dining space and sleeping space, each separated by means of concrete walls.

Even smaller category of homes are sometimes referred to as shoebox units. While living in a small compact apartment may sound like leading a bohemian lifestyle, there are many advantages to living in one.

Pocket stays healthy

Whether you take it on rent or buy it, it will cost you much less as compared to a big apartment.

As there are practically no furnishing that is required to be done by the landlord or the seller, these small homes come at a price range that will just fit in your budgets.

Even though market statistics might show that small apartments generally have a higher yield than regular ones, do take note that those data are based on a per square feet basis.

In terms of the overall costs, it only makes sense that they are cheaper. Everything else being equal, who in the right frame of mind would buy a three hundred square feet home at a higher price than one at eight hundred square feet.

This means that even though you might not be able to buy a big house to boast about with your friends. You can most likely still afford a shoebox apartment in the city if you want as the final price can be quite affordable due to the small living space in terms of per square feet.

cheaper studio apartments

You save power

A tiny apartment would help you contribute to the green revolution in its own way.

By living in one you would be saving on a lot of electricity thereby contributing to the global pledge of saving power. It requires much less electricity when all your activities are confined to one single room.

No more forgetting to turn off the lights while you leave a room.

You air-conditioner will not burn out while you only need to have one television set that will be able to be viewed from anywhere in the apartment. You will be spending less on furniture and furnishings.

Even better, housekeeping will be much easier and less time-consuming.

You save on furnishing expenses

As a studio apartment will not have a lot of space, you cannot accommodate a lot of furniture in there.

Less furniture would mean less expense buying them.

Additionally, less furniture would mean less time spending on cleaning and dusting them. Only the essential items like the bed, a dining table, a working desk will only find their way in your home.

Time management becomes easy

With a studio apartment as your dwelling place, it becomes very easy to manage your time, as you would be no longer required to spend a lot of time cleaning all the rooms.

There would be little space to be cleaned which would get one easily and would leave you with a lot of free time to get other things of household done.

The only real negative that one can think about living in a confined area is when there two or more people living in together, then a small area may not provide enough privacy to the individuals.

This is when the design and space planning can be critical. However, when you are to single or just living with your partner, it does make a lot of sense to live in one until a bigger house becomes a requirement.

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