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Basic Design Tips To Accessorize Your Home Interior

By on May 23, 2013

After your interior designer or contractor has completed their jobs, it is time to sprinkle some finishing touches to your home with accessories.

Accessories are like the toppings for an ice-cream sundae. They are not the reason you bought the ice-cream. But damn do they add to the flavour and fun to the vanilla flavour.

When your completed living room is exactly as how you visualized it in the first place, you will still very likely to feel that something is missing without some accessories to add some colour and life to the overall design.

When choosing accessories, you have to take into consideration your room’s style and colour theme.

1) Walls can look depressingly lonely when there is a huge empty space.

This is where you can hang some art, calligraphy, pictures or mirrors.

Unlike sofa sets or TV consoles that always seem to come with safe earth tone colours, richly colourful accessories for walls will not look out of place in a living room.

Hang a group of small pictures together or use one big picture.

2) Dark corners are something that we often don’t realize is the cause of a dull room.

Use table lamps or floor lamps in these corners to light them up with life. Bear in mind to choose a lamp design that is consistent with your room’s design theme.

For example, a modern style theme will make an antique lamp look out of place.

3) Group up your display item and isolate them on your display table.

accessorize dining table

Artificial fruits on the dining or coffee table can create a great visual effect

For example standing photo frames and travel souvenirs can be grouped together and placed on a table. Give them a isolated space. It would be even better if they have different heights, textures or length.

If any one item is not clearly visible, you have used to many items. You need to give them more space or remove some items to create space.

4) It is hard to put into words what an effect plants can give to the overall feeling of a room.

The good thing is that there are now plastic plants and flowers that look as real as real plants. This means that you can use these fake plants purely for decorating purposes with having to go through the trouble or taking care of them.

Go to the flower shop and match different vases to plants and flowers to find the most suitable combination. A clear vase with a single stalk of flower inside can look great under the right lighting.

5) Sometimes we get so caught up with making sure the renovations are perfect.

When things are finally completed, the whole house look artificial by being too perfect.

All the straight lines and symmetry can look weird. Manage this scenario by adding rugs, carpets, sofa cushions full length curtains, etc.

These items break up the shape of existing furniture which will be more relaxing to the eyes.

6) Beware of too many accessories that become a clutter.

Have an overall look at your room. If there are items that you cannot see in your view, you have probably used too many accessories. Start removing one by one until each item in the room can be seen with a visual sweep.

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