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Pastel Blue Master Bedroom Design Matched With White

By on June 17, 2017

The pastel range of cheerful colors is anything but dull. If you don’t have a taste for classic home interiors, a pastel colored theme could be just the solution. Being one of the 3 most popular base colors in the world, blue is non-threatening and universal. It might not be the favorite color of many people but seldom (if ever) does blue become a hated color. If painting the whole house pastel blue is not something you’d consider, try using it for a bedroom and feel the ambience for yourself.

Drywall painted in light pastel blue, white ceiling, fancy design rug beside the bed, square side table with glass table top, digital alarm clock with FM tuner, vase body shaped table lamp, queen size bed with broad pastel blue stripped design, matching bed ottoman with steel frame, white bedsheets and pillow case, square design pillow cases with matching blanket, round top door, wooden door frame leading to living room designed with wooden colors.

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