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Pastel Symmetry Living Room With Sofa As Centerpiece

By on February 23, 2018

Contemporary style is a timeless design that continues to awe homeowners and guests all over the world. Go one further by applying the simple concept of symmetry to give the living room a more engineered look. A minimalist design can be overwhelmingly seductive when a centerpiece is used as a focal point for the whole room. In this case a chesterfield styled sofa in pastel blue is used to blend into the earth tone of fixtures and fittings.

Full flooring carpet, built-in exterior shelving with dark brown laminates, porcelain vase with plastic flowers, sea shell display monuments, picture frame, designer candle sticks, matching table lamps, feature wall with cushion backing, wide striped cushion covers, full length day and night curtains, down lights, blue chesterfield fabric sofa.

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