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5 Best Chesterfield Style Sofas To Create That Classic Look

By on February 2, 2018

Few sofa features can be as distinctive as the classic deep buttoned artistry which is the hallmark of Chesterfield sofas.

The beginnings of this design can be traced back to as early as the seventeenth century when it was often found in the homes of royalty.

So deeply is this perception of the design embedded into our minds that even today, putting it in a room can immediately give the space a luxurious VIP feel to every observer.

It’s no wonder that homeowners who’d like to add a touch of class to the living room or study often setup one of these Chesterfield styled sofa sets in the room in question. Sometimes even only with an armchair. And especially when a Victorian design theme is being used in the house.

But with every type of sofa design, there will always be those that are made in high quality… and those that look top notch on the surface… but sorely lacking under the hood.

Yet many households focus on achieving that classy look and are willing to compromise on quality.

They are most often made with 3 types of materials. Namely velvet, wool, and fabric.

While it can be a personal favorite of homeowners, Chesterfield designs are not suitable for all types of room designs. It can look grossly out of place when placed in a modern design setting.

And be mindful that they are not always as comfortable as they look. This is because the back and arm rest are often firm and hard.

However, if you like the classic vintage look for the house, you can do little wrong with this iconic sofa design.

Here are some of the best Chesterfield sofas you can buy to immediately change the look and feel of the living room.

Best overall – Divano Roma

A lot of these types of sofas go at very high prices.

But Divano Roma has created a tufted button sofa with velvet scroll arm at a pretty reasonable price.

It’s a 3-seater that offers good value and looks absolutely majestic.

If you have your eyes fixed on it, there is no way where you wouldn’t imagine yourself sinking nicely onto it to recharge yourself after a tired day at work.

On a side note, this would be great for a VIP corner in a cafe or high-end restaurant where patrons can just chill and relax while sipping on a latte.

You won’t want any of that coffee to spill on the couch though.

This product comes in 4 colors:

  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Purple
  • Red (oxblood)

It’s a shame that it does not come in the classic earth tone of brown or the popular grey. And that there are no sectional options.

A great feature of this sofa is that there are no tufted buttons on the cushion seats. Having them on the seats can make the seating area prone to collection of dust and even bugs.

That’s without mentioning the level of comfort… or uncomfort…

Yet in the absence of the iconic buttons on the cushions, this item pretty much retains the look and feel that you’d expect from a Chesterfield.

What really gives this bonded leather sofa the edge over others in terms of aesthetics is the legs.

Many manufacturers put their focus on the buttons and tend to neglect the design of the legs. An unsuitable leg design can significantly compromise it’s overall appearance.

It’s legs are wood based. Not too slim… and not too wide in diameter.

It’s difficult to put it into words. You will have to see it for yourself.

Best value – Modway Modern Loveseat

If you are working within a lower budget, then look no further than the Modway modern loveseat.

While this sofa does not fully incorporate all the classic features of a Chesterfield sofa, it still has a deep button backing that resembles the original.

Upholstered with finely crafted faux black leather, it would be perfect for apartments with smaller spaces that seek to achieve that definitive look in the house.

The main drawback of this piece of furniture is that it’s a 2-seater with no option for a third seat. Sort of like a mini version.

This would also be a great focal point of a room if your goal for the sofa is for display purposes rather than for practicality.

Because let’s admit it. A huge part of why we want our homes to look beautiful is to see the jaws of the guest drop when visiting.

Lastly, it’s armrests while not ugly, are not as attractive as other choices available.

The all-out Chesterfield – Homelegance St. Claire Traditional Sofa

If you are going all-out for the original Chesterfield sofa design, a great option is the Homelegance St. Claire traditional sofa.

This is the one with tufted buttons on both the back and seats of the sofa.

When design and aesthetics are your main goal, then this will probably tick all the boxes on your checklist.

The even better part of this is that the design comes with different sizes, with the exception of sofa bed, from small to large:

  • Chair (no high back)
  • Chaise
  • Loveseat
  • 3-seater

See more features

This means that if you have a huge living room, you can essentially get them at different sizes with matching couch design for style consistency and variation at home.

It would make a great visual impact when placed in a lounge too. Maybe consider getting a used second hand one to save money if other people are going to use it more than you in a commercial setting.

Available in 2 colors, brown and almond, the fabric is 100% polyester.

It’s not hard to fill in love with this sofa as can be observed by the various positive reviews by buyers.

Most comfortable – Coaster Home Furnishings Traditional 3-Seater

It was a difficult decision not to list this as the best overall Chesterfield sofa. But because of the price premium compared to the one by Divano Roma, the traditional three-seater by Coaster Home Furnishings just don’t offer as much value as the former…

… just that little less value

Because this is the most comfortable Chesterfield sofa with pocket coil seats, plush back cushions, and fluffy looking cushion seats.

Made with bonded leather in dark brown, it definitely does not feel like cheap PVC.

However, there is a tread stitching design running along the armrests on both sides that can turn some people off. This is despite the sexy curves that the sofa has.

See what homeowners are saying about this item

Best Budget Chesterfield sofa – Divano Roma 2 Seater Loveseat Couch

With modern scroll arms and ergonomically perfect for a adults, the price of this sofa can be shocking to some.

The nice blend of classic linen fabric, tufted button design, Victorian style wooden legs, and scroll arms, you would be scratching your head at why this is priced at such a huge difference to the others.

The seat cushion are removable for easy cleaning. And they have velcros to stop them from sliding out of the sofa too.

Available in both dark and light grey, this would be a nice budget addition to any home to enhance that classic look.

The trade-off you make for the low retail price is the comfort though.

See what users are saying about this product

Choosing a Chesterfield sofa

Choosing a quality Chesterfield is unlike choosing a typical sofa set.

Firstly, you’d want to see if there are complimentary items like settees and ottomans with similar designs.

Because Chesterfields are really unique, it would look really weird if to have accompanying furniture with craftsmanship that don’t match.

Then, You’d want to look at it’s frame. Preferably made with solid timber like seasoned beech hardwood.

The type of filling used can also play a major role in how comfortable they really are, and how well they support the weight of an individual.

The suspension system used should also be checked for their integrity.

Many makers use inferior quality springs that can feel great when new. But deteriorate quickly over time.

The upholstery and detailing of the item will also be a critical element that determines the appearance and feel.

Finally, please don’t make the designer mistake of setting a Chesterfield sofa in a room with modern design.

Unless you are a gifted designer, it will just look badly out of place. And be somewhat of an insult to the timeless design that is loved by so many.

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