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The Best Value Sofa Beds You Can Buy For Your Apartment Home

By on January 18, 2018

Whoever came up with the idea of a sofa that converts into a bed deserves a Nobel Prize or an award of comparable prestige.

Because as homes becomes smaller and smaller especially in densely populated cities, it is essential for furniture at home to be practical, space-conscious, and serve as many functions as possible.

And while sofa beds make the most sense for apartments where space is a concern, the practicality of such a multi-functional piece of furniture make it a favorite in houses as well.

Many users purchase sofa beds primarily to use as a bed to sleep in. The foldable feature of these products just make that much more simple to keep after waking up.

Some key factors to consider about sofa beds when buying one are:

  • Mattress
  • Frame
  • Memory foam
  • Material (fabric, PVC, leather, velvet, etc)
  • Innerspring
  • Air coil
  • Mechanism (clic clac, fold, lift and pull, etc)
  • Removable cover or non-removable

After sieving through hundreds of reviews and ratings posted by consumers, the best of the lot when it comes to sofa beds is determined.

Best overall sofa bed

The LUCID King is a convertible folding foam mattress/sofa. If king is too much royalty for your liking, it is also available in Twin XL.

With a thickness of just 8 inches when folded up, you’d be excused to imagine that this is just a mattress that folds up… yet that is greatly undermining the aesthetics of this couch bed.

Because it actually folds up to a luxurious looking sofa that your guests would observe with awe.

With such beauty, the LUCID king is perfect for the living room as a sofa and a backup plan for visiting guests to the house.

Saying that, it would not look out of place in a bedroom to be used primarily as a bed as well.

At 4 inches thick when opened up, it can make some higher end mattresses look cheap.

To cater to a wider audience, the manufacturer has also made other sizes available in Queen, Full, Full XL, and Twin.

But do note that only the King and Twin XL comes with sloping back rest when folded to a sofa. The other sizes are given a pretty squarish look when folded that deeply compromises the look of the item.

The main drawback of this sofa bed set is that it is basically… a mattress that folds up… but the makers that come up with this design has not lost their aesthetics touch by conceptualizing it to fold up into a good looking sofa.

If only it comes with a chaise too.

Most practical sofa bed

Look no further than the Millard Tri-Fold microfiber sofa bed if you are going for value and practicality.

Even though this is a great choice for the budget-conscious which provides great practicality, it’s appearance shouldn’t be undermined.

While you cannot really put it into the beautiful category, it’s shade of electric blue gives it a sexy look.

And even if you have a very tight budget, this item that can cost below $100, depending on the size, will not stretch you wallet too thin.

This will be a great fit for studio apartments or bedrooms with space constraints.

If you don’t mind the trouble of keeping it in a corner after sleeping on it, be assured that it folds up nicely into a compact unit that makes storage a breeze.

The foam mattress is 4.5 inches thick when unfolded, and elevates you 9 inches off the ground when folded up into a sofa seat.

What’s more.

For cleaning, the 3D mesh polyester cover comes with zippers for easy removal.

The pros of this item is definitely the practicality and price. The main disadvantage is that the shape looks too square which can be a dealbreaker for residents who favor style over substance.

Most stylish sofa bed

If getting a sleeper sofa is a decision out of your desire rather than need, then style and substance could be what you are looking for.

Enter the Larkinhurst traditional sleeper sofa, a furniture signature design by Ashley.

It has a classic homely design that wouldn’t look out out place in any expensive looking contemporary home.

This transformer of a sofa comes in faux weathered leather that looks like suede, and it’s flawless mechanism allows it to pull out effortlessly to turn into a luxurious looking Queen size bed… with an innerspring mattress, no less.

Visitors might be so impressed with it that they’d think it’s custom made instead of a mass production product from a factory!

Don’t be surprised to find yourself unable to visualize it being a bed with sofa underneath when it’s in it’s bedded form.

If not for it’s steep price, this set would easily be the best overall valued sofa bed.

And even though the versatile design, which resembles Chesterfield, can be nicely blended into most home interiors, it can look out of place in a modern minimalist living room… which is a trend with the younger generation these days.

So what if you have need a sleeper for a modern design living room?

Best modern designs

As demand for modern looking furniture, furnishing and fittings increase, more and more manufacturers and retailers are giving modern looking furniture a lot of air time and display space.

This why there are 3 great sofa beds that make the list for our best modern sofa beds.

Definitely check out the Modern Plush by Divano Roma, DHP’s Emily Futon, and the Modern Entertainment Futon by Best Choice Products.

All 3 come in a variety of colors, fabric choices, and sizes.

But if I have to decide on one between the three, I’d definitely go with the DHP. I personally prefer purple.

And it seems that the masses agree with me too. As you can find thousands of buyer reviews on Amazon talking about how great this sofa bed is accompanied by good ratings.

This fluffy looking sleeper sofa hybrid is simple a sight for sore eyes. The grey version is just so therapeutic just to look at.

And at below $200 with free shipping and warranty, you’d have trouble finding a better option that encompasses modern design, practicality, and price like this one.

It stands on metallic legs that takes it 5 and a half inches above the floor. Making the space underneath useful for storage too.

If it comes in chenille, it would definitely give the LUCID King a run for it’s money as the best overall sofa bed.

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