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5 Best Ice Makers Comparison Review

By on June 14, 2018

If there’s one thing that’s a main stay in every refrigerator, it’s the ice tray… for making ice!

We are lucky today to be able to say that.

Because there was a time many years ago when I could not say that with a straight face. (yes age is catching up with me)

Ice has become such a necessary consumer item these days as so many drinks just don’t taste the way you know it does without being chilled.

Then there are those beverages that don’t just need to be served chilled. But extra chilled!

With our desire for ice these days ever increasing, it’s no surprise if the household has found that the ice making capacity of the refrigerator just don’t cut it anymore.

And so… we are blessed that there are manufacturers who design dedicated ice-makers that can pump out more ice cubes than the average refrigerator.

Here are some of the best we have reviewed.

1) NewAir AI-215SS

Capable of churning out as much as 50 pounds of ice in 24 hours, the NewAir AI-215SS is an impressive all-rounder with the looks to go along with it as well.

It is the best overall ice maker.

As a countertop machine, it can make bullet-shaped ice cubes in 3 different sizes as you need them.

This capacity is enough for anyone to host medium to large parties with more to spare.

With such firepower, it is even more shocking that the ice maker’s dimensions are 14.2 by 16.9 by 16.8 inches!

It comes with a cool blue LCD display fixed on a futuristic stainless steel frame that allows the user to adjust settings and monitor the progress easily. Indicator lights alert you to low water levels and full ice baskets.

Saying that, the ice bin is removable which allows for easy maintenance.


  • Self cleansing feature with side-mounted drain
  • Compact size with large capacity
  • Stainless steel
  • Removable ice bin
  • 18-hour timer
  • Small, medium, large ice cubes
  • Portable design with no need for installation
  • Box shape making it easy to blend into kitchen design layout


  • Not cheap when compared to budget models

Available in both silver and red in color, this is a great addition to the kitchen should you host frequent gatherings and parties.

2) Della Portable Ice Maker

This is one of the best bargains you can get if you need an ice maker at home.

With 5 colors to select from, there would definitely be one that can find harmony with any kitchen design.

This baby can produce up to 26 pounds of ice a day which is about half that of the NewAir AI-215SS, but at less than half the price.

26 pounds of ice is more than enough for the average household’s consumption. And also capable of handling small parties with enough to spare.

Having an ice box that can hold up to 1.5 pounds of ice, the box can also be removed for easy access and maintenance.

The ice produced by the Della Portable Ice Maker is bullet shaped and comes in 2 sizes. Indicator lights tell the user when the ice box is full and when the water level is low.

Measuring 14.5 x 9.75 x 12.75 inches, it is one of the most compact ice makers you can find. This would be great for smaller homes and the best budget option.


  • Auto-off feature
  • Comes with ice scoop
  • No installation required
  • Small size
  • Storage bin holds as much as 5 pounds of ice bullets
  • Ice cubes can be produced in as fast as 6 minutes


  • Plastic and steel exterior

This machine is a no-brainer if you need an ice-maker and working within a budget.

Yet if you are willing to spend just a little more, you can grab one that’s just perfect for bringing out of the house…

3) Igloo ICE103

This countertop mid-sized ice maker is made of stainless steel and has an oversized ice bucket capable of holding 2.2 lbs of ice.

At max capacity, the Igloo ICE103 churns out up to 26 pounds of ice a day similar to the the Della Portable Ice Maker… but with a bigger storage bin making it the best portable ice maker from those we reviewed.

While it is a little heavier and bulkier than the Della budget model, it’s a better choice for a portable ice maker because of the countless rave reviews it has been getting from users who have bought it.

Taller legs also elevate it high above the ground so that there’s a lesser chance of the bottom making contact with the ground which can cause scratches and bumps.

Ice cubes come in 3 sizes of SML similar to the NewAir AI-215SS. Meaning that with a much bigger basket and smaller ice cubes, it can actually hold much more ice cubes for sharing around.

This would be a perfect gift for someone who loves the outdoors. Frequent campers would love it. So would someone with a yacht or RV.

After filling the reservoir with water and activating it to start freezing, ice cubes will be pumped out like on a conveyor belt within 6 minutes.


  • Big and removable ice bucket
  • Elevated legs
  • Ice cubes in as little as 6 minutes
  • Blocky shape makes it great to position at corners
  • Stainless steel


  • Single color option

Being one of the most popular ice making appliances for both indoors and outdoors, you can hardly go wrong with Igloo’s ICE103.

4) SPT IM-600US

The most heavy duty ice makers tend to be under-counter models.

This is partly due to the size of these machines and it’s not really safe to put such a heavy equipment on table tops.

At this medium size and metallic finishing, you might mistake this as a refrigerator instead of a dedicated ice making machine.

With a full production capacity of up to a whopping 50 pounds of ice cubes in 24 hours, this will be able to meet the commercial ice requirements of bars, cafes, and coffee houses.

It’s the best under-counter ice maker in the list.

How many cups and glasses can that fill up?

I’d imagine that households that need such under-counter monsters at home must be holding some mega parties regularly.

At a height of 32.5 inches, it is ergonomically just right to be set up and positioned below the counter.

If only there is an option for wheels to be installed.

Unlike the previous models mentioned previously with humble ice bins holding up to 2.2 pounds of ice, this beast has enough storage area to hold up to… 25 pounds of ice!

This means that with an empty storage, at full speed, the tip-tip SPT IM-600US will fill it’s storage to the brim in 12 hours.


  • Humongous ice storage compartment
  • Nicely designed for under-counter layout
  • 50 pounds of ice day
  • Auto shutoff at full bin


  • Front facing exhaust
  • 1 color
  • Installation by plumber required

I won’t ask what you might need all that ice for. But this is the best under-counter ice maker in the market today.

5) NutriChef PICEM75

NutriChecf has a huge range of diverse variety in it’s line of household kitchen ware. So it’s no surprise that one of their products have made it into our list of best ice makers as the best countertop model.

As the name suggest, the NutriChef PICEM75 Ice Maker & Dispenser is not just an ice maker that freezes water into cubes when you sleep.

It also has an intuitive dispenser similar to those we see in restaurants. This convenient dispenser allows you to push a button, and the ice cubes would fall out.

While this might just save a few minutes, the convenience is a feature many a household would gladly pay for.

Capable of making up to 33 lbs of ice a day, this is no slouch with deceiving good looks.

There is also the option of using the water reservoir or connecting it with it’s own water supply line for direct water tapping.


  • Elegant looking
  • Dispenser
  • Option of direct water tapping


  • Pricey
  • More maintenance as with all models with dispensers

If aesthetics is a key criteria, this is an ice-maker that will be an ice-breaker as well when guest visit.

Which is best?

As you can probably see from the above, the choice of ice makers is usually not a choice of what is best, but a determination of what you want or need.

When making this comparison review of ice makers, a number of great ice makers were looked into and did not make the list.

This include the hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine, Whynter UIM-155, Whirlpool GI15NDXZS, RCA ICE101 (Igloo), and more.

If you are just getting one for the house, the Igloo ICE103 is a good choice. It will also be very portable should the need arise to bring it along for a trip.

Be ready to say goodbye to non-chilled drinks.

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