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Fixturing Period

By on February 13, 2019

A fixturing period refers to a period of time before a lease contract commences in which the tenant is allowed access to the premises in order to make improvements to the property.

This is more common for commercial leases than residential leases as businesses have essential setup needs in order to start doing business from the very first day of occupying the property.

Business operators would need to enter the premises early for interior design, cashier set up, stocking inventory, etc.

While the fixturing period is usually rent-free, it is not uncommon to find landlords charging a nominal fee for this early access.

Or not offering a fixturing period at all and leave it to the tenant’s own prerogative to finish their setup as soon as they can from the commencement of the lease.

After all, in high demand retail locations, a day without rental can be costly.

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